Boundless growth through yoga

Life’s short….choose Love & try Yoga!



“There is the lotus that grows out of the mud.

We need the mud in order to make the lotus.

You cannot grow lotus on marble.

You have to grow it on the mud.

So suffering is the kind of mud that we must be able to use in order to grow the flower of understanding and love.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

If this is your first visit, head on over here where I explain everything about what WHAT’S YOUR MUD? is all about.

And if you’ve been interesting in trying yoga but have been hesitating due to a bit of fear and doubt creeping in, you’re in the right place! Especially if you think you can’t do yoga because you believe you’re not flexible or because you have a health challenge or because you think you have to look a certain way.

I’ll be supplying some knowledge to help debunk all those thoughts (aka myths).

As Mr. Emerson said:

“Knowledge is the antidote to fear.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you’ve been wanting to try yoga but feel a bit intimidated walking into a yoga studio, I’ve got you covered.

Check out my brand new online course *A True Beginners Yoga Course here so you have the knowledge you need to confidently walk into a yoga class.

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Some Sharings By Others:

Sue Hartnett

Stained Glass Craftsman

Being retired, I first started yoga to stay active...keep the body moving. It also was a good way to interact with my friends, my neighbors.

What I found in Gina's yoga class was a stronger body core, balance and mindfulness of all that I have and all that I really don't need and a peace in giving this time to myself.

Gina isn't just a yoga instructor, she lives through yoga (it glows in her). It radiates through her in her words and her selfless actions; not just teaching but bringing to our yoga community Care, Guidance, Friendship and Love.

Thank Your Gina!!

Tom Watson

Old Bridge, NJ

When Gina first spoke to me about her teaching a yoga class in our development, I really had no intention of trying it. I was under the assumption that yoga was only for women. I was satisfied working out with weights. I also thought that the only benefit that it would have for me is helping me to relax since I am type A.

Through using breathing techniques that Gina has taught, I found yoga useful in helping me to relax when stressed. I also found out that I was just plain wrong thinking that yoga is only for women. It gives me a total body workout, much more than just lifting weights. It has also helped my flexibility to increase, something weights don't do.

Gina is patient and very careful to emphasize that we listen to our bodies so we don't injure ourselves. She gives us other options if we are unable to copy a pose that she is mirroring for us. She gently corrects us if we are not doing the pose correctly as well as giving positive feedback if she feels that we are improving.
I am so very glad that I took Gina's gentle challenge to just try yoga.
I am hooked.



I was diagnosed with lupus two years ago and was trying to find an exercise that would make me feel better and counteract the effects lupus was having on my body... Taking yoga classes with Gina over the past six months has help me tremendously by improving my overall flexibility, muscle tone and balance. Learning how to breath provided me with an effective way to manage my stress and reduce anxiety.

Gina's teaching style is mindful connecting your mind and body together. I like that she starts each class with a quote or thought for the day that connects why we are here. During the class she provides cues that connects the anatomy to the pose, helping me to understand the action and movements to properly execute the pose without injury.

After a class with Gina, I feel calm, refreshed and energized... ready to tackle life with a new fresh outlook. Namaste...

About Gina

About Gina

Hi, I'm Gina, your De-Mudifying Guide, Perceptual Shapeshifter and Certified Yoga Teacher here at WHAT'S YOUR MUD?. So glad you popped by. I cannot wait for you to start your muddy adventure! Learn more about my muddy adventure here.

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I Need Some Inner Calm! audio

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