Your Thoughts are just Flowing Energy

Your thoughts are just another form of energy.

They twist and swirl around in your head every day. Some are negative, positive, uplifting, nice, mean, confusing or cloudy.

If we are not aware of them, they can make us slip into an unwanted mood. Has this ever happened to you? It has to me, many times. I remember one day recently waking up and being in such a great mood, then in the afternoon, my mood switched. I became very uptight and short tempered. After a bit of time passed, I asked myself what caused that mood switch. After I thought about it, I realized it was a thought I had- a single strand of words tied together that flowed through my brain – this caused my mood to switch. Once I became aware of the this, I was able to shift my mood. I may not have immediately switched to a joyful mood, but I did not let what I was feeling take me over. I allowed the feeling to be there, knowing that I was back in the present moment, where the ego mind cannot exist.

If you become aware of what you think about, then you can make dramatic changes in the way you feel too.

You can bring awareness to your thoughts through the practice of meditation – but do not expect to stop your thoughts through meditation.  Many people believe that the purpose of meditation is to stop thinking. Trying to stop your thoughts is like trying to change the direction of a flowing river – no wonder many people get frustrated when they try to meditate. You can however, watch your thoughts.

This practice will not only have you become more aware of the thoughts that you think daily, but it will eventually help you to find more space between your thoughts – more time with no-mind. Remember in the movie, The Last Samurai.…………when Tom Cruise’s character was learning to sword fight and kept losing, his friend told him he has ‘too many mind’. Eventually, he became an amazing sword fighter, by engaging no-mind.

Here’s how you can practice becoming aware of your thoughts and eventually, cultivate some no-mind throughout your day.

  • Take 5 minutes out of your day and sit in a comfortable position
  • Close your eyes and take a nice deep breath
  • Bring your attention to your mind
  • Notice what thoughts flow through your mind
  • Now, watch your mind and wait for the next thought to emerge………….just sit there and wait for it to come. The more you do this, the more space, (no-mind) you will cultivate.

Try it and let me know what you think.



image by wadem via flickr

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