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slowdownforpeaceAs I was reflecting on what has been one of the biggest changes I’ve made in the past year, that has allowed me to feel more peace, freedom and most importantly, less anxious and stressed out, I realized the biggest change is choosing to slow down.

This change has allowed me to be more mindful, which in turn has allowed me to be more present each day. By being more present each day…..and by present I mean being in the here and now and not being confined by the mind’s thoughts of the past and the future…..anxiety has a very slim chance of taking you over. In fact, if anxiety or stress tries to creep in at all, it won’t last.


The energy of anxiety cannot help but be shifted to the energy of peace when you are present in the here and now.  Tweet: The energy of anxiety cannot help but be shifted to the energy of peace when you are present in the here and now.


That’s how powerful living in the moment is because that’s the only true place where life is actually taking place……right now, in this moment, here and now.

I wrote a few articles last month about slowing down – about the benefits and how to do it. You’ll find them a couple posts before this one. And it’s so wild how life works because I wrote those articles in the 3 weeks prior to my husband and I going on a rest and relaxation retreat at The Omega Institute…..and here’s why it’s so wild…….

As we settled into our cabin there and started to form our little daily rituals that we get into when on vacation, one of the rituals we developed was perusing the Omega Bookstore each night after we finished dinner.

On about the 3rd night we were there, my husband said that he found a book, as he put it, that looks like me, meaning I’d totally be into it. As soon as I read the title I knew that I’d probably be purchasing that book. He knew I’ve been writing about slowing down lately and he keyed right in when he saw that book and its title.

The book is called:  Take Your Time – The Wisdom of Slowing Down – How to find peace & purpose in your life by Eknath Easwaran

there's power in slowing down

I started reading that book each night while at Omega and I continue to read it, slowly and mindfully, soaking in the impactful wisdom that this man brings forth.

Everything he writes about resonates with me deep within and is how I want to live my life and help others move toward that way of living too if they desire it.

And by ‘way of living’, I’m talking about living a life with a lot less suffering……not about being lazy or not doing anything exciting. Because slowing down means you’ll uncover so much about yourself and about life and that will lead you to discovering more about what lights you up and what brings meaning and purpose into your life – and that happens because there is more space for those insights to surface.


“In fact, the Buddha says, our constant hurrying is often a kind of anesthesia. It’s not convenient to stop and ask big questions; it can even feel threatening. So long as we keep moving, we can put it off.”  ~Eknath Easwaran

And truly slowing down also means a quieter mind and you know what that means? Yes, a lot less anxiety and stress!

It also means even during the most busy, chaotic days, you can still respond to what truly matters. And maybe in that moment it could be responding to your child’s needs without becoming impatient, to responding to your partner’s question without becoming defensive, or even responding to a deep need of your own, without feeling guilty.


Do you want to feel more peace? To feel less anxious? To be able to respond calmly even during chaotic times? To gain more clarity and possibly discover purpose in your life?


Then I highly recommend slowing down and Eknath’s book gives you solid tips, stories and insights to do just that.

You can check the book out at amazon.


Ps. If you found this article helpful, please share it…..thx for helping me spread the peace…….

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