Why I Almost Quit Yoga

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I never told this story about how I almost quit yoga.

And I’m sharing this now because I believe it will help you see what can happen if you believe your thoughts to be true (like I did) instead of taking a step back and questioning them, which is key.

I started practicing yoga in 1999. I wasn’t the most flexible, but I was strong, and so I developed a strong practice and was able to do a lot of pretty advanced postures.

Then in 2003, during the first 5 minutes of a yoga class I was taking, my muscles started quivering. I knew something was up so I went to the doctor and she diagnosed me with Grave’s Dis-ease.

After that diagnosis, my muscle endurance was never the same. My muscles fatigued quickly and the faster they fatigued, the more frustrated I would get.

But did I listen to my body? Nope.

I kept pushing and pushing myself, not accepting that I couldn’t do those advanced poses without a struggle. And the more I pushed, the sicker I felt.

That was when I almost quit yoga.

I believed what my mind was telling me……that if I couldn’t do yoga a certain way, than I shouldn’t do it at all.

Then a turning point happened, and it was all because of a special yoga teacher named Seane Corn.

To make a long story short, I went to a 4-day yoga workshop she was having at the Omega Institute in 2004.

She changed my life by changing my perspective around my health issue and by shifting the expectations I had around what my yoga practice should look like.

And, it was also because of her that I TRULY discovered and came to understand that yoga is SO MUCH MORE than just about the physical postures. 

The physical postures are the vehicle through which to discover more about yourself and connect with who you truly are.

{Picture me with mind blown!!!}

She is one of the core reasons why I kept practicing yoga and why I became a yoga teacher.

I’m not sure what made me attend her workshop. Maybe it would have been my ‘final hurrah’ at doing yoga when I would prove to myself that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do without feeling sick.

Still, for some reason, I went to her workshop.

  • For some reason we were in the same area the morning after the night of the first workshop (and first yoga practice). 
  • For some reason I walked up to her and introduced myself. 
  • For some reason she asked me how it went last night. 
  • For some reason I was able to tell her that I felt sick all night because I pushed myself with my health issue. 
  • For some reason she spent the next few minutes with me telling me how to modify my practice. 
  • For some reason she said she would come around and check up on me…….and she did.

For some reason I changed my yoga practice and it changed me.

That moment, and that entire weekend, was a pivotal point in my life.

And now that life experience of how yoga broke me down and then built me back up is why I became a teacher and what guides my teaching.

And I’m grateful to the universe, and Seane Corn, every. single. day. And also for all the amazing beings I’ve come to know since first starting my teacher training in 2014. I thank each and every one of you for your presence.

So should you become aware of your thoughts?

I don’t say should often, but in this case Hell Yeah!

Try yoga and learn more about yourself  – it’s SO worth it!



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