VedaSun Product Spotlight – Tahitian Gold Face Bar

Tahitian Gold Face BarDo you have perfect skin? No worries, neither do I! But you can get pretty darn close with the amazing Tahitian Gold Face Bar. I, as well as many of my clients and customers, are extremely happy, and hooked, on the this facial bar due to the results we have seen after using it.

It’s amazing how good you can feel about yourself when your skin looks great. Now, it’s not all about the outer appearance, but taking care of your outer being is part of a well-rounded self care routine too. Deep down we all know how important it is to put real, pure, healthy, natural nutrients INTO our bodies – the same goes for what we put ONTO our bodies as well.

That’s one of the main reasons why I got into this business and founded VedaSun.

There was not a lot of great natural skin care products out there at the time I was diagnosed with an auto-immune issue. After I did a lot of research, I realized that what I put onto my body was just as important as what I put into it and I checked how many items I used daily that could have harmful chemicals in it – I was astounded with what I found out! From my toothpaste, to my deodorant, skin care and makeup, to household cleaning products, I was using over 18 products daily. That means I could have been exposing my body to over 72 possibly harmful chemicals every day! This blew my mind.

So my search for healthy ingredients and skin care continued, and I found the Tahitian Gold Face Bar. This facial bar is made with the highest quality ingredients including Dead Sea Mineral Mud, Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Avocado Pulp Powder, Wild Honey, Balneo Peat (all extrememly beneficial to the skin) and lots more. It makes your skin feel so soft and smooth, and it helps soothe all skin types including acne and rosacea. Plus, this bar lasts for months (extremely economical!). WARNING: ONCE YOU TRY THIS BAR AND SMELL ITS HEAVENLY SCENT, YOU WILL BE HOOKED TOO!

Grab a Tahitian Gold Face Bar (or two) for the special price of $20 each. You save $5 off each bar now through midnight EST, Thursday, February 25th. You will also receive the special February essential oil blend I created – LOVE – with each order!

To redeem this special you must type the word – gold- in the discount code box in the shopping cart, then hit ‘update cart’ to see your savings.

Start using products that are better for you. It really is simple – start by replacing one product at a time – and before you know it, you will be using products you love that are better for you, your family and the environment. It’s never too late to start and you can start at this very moment.

Grab some gold now!



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  1. Gina, to your own comments, I want to add that that since I tried this bar 2 or 3 years ago, I have used nothing else. I have very sensitive skin that breaks out easily, and this bar works like magic on it. I love it, and I don’t hand out praise like that lightly. This is a wonderful bar of soap, unlike anything available in a store.

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