A Twist on a Childhood Favorite, and Healthy, Meal

Zucchini & Eggs
One of the meals I always remember eating growing up is zucchini and eggs.

My dad had a pretty big garden when I was growing up. I remember him saying he was going to ‘go and putt around in the garden’.

I remember being the one to pick a lot of the veggies too……..the string beans, the lettuce (it was so buttery and yummy), carrots, peppers and of course zucchinis.

Both my mom and my dad used to make the zucchini and eggs. My dad used to add a few extras in like potatoes and sometimes peppers and who knows what else. He called it ‘ashambalt’, which means something like ‘everything tossed in’. (I really have no idea how to spell it and couldn’t find it on the internet so if any of my Italian friends know how, please let me know in the comments below!)

So all my life I’ve been making this dish, and I still love it. I never get sick of it after all these years.

But the other day I felt like making it a little differently. I didn’t feel like having chunky vegetables so I made it a different way. I video-taped it all so you can try this recipe if you want. You can of course leave out the parmesan cheese (but why??? ha, just kidding, I leave it out sometimes too.)

*Note:  Also, for Step 2, I did add a little water to the veggies when sauteing them.

This recipe lasted me for 2 meals.

Hope you enjoy it. If you try it share your thoughts below. And if you already have been eating this for eons like me, let me know that too.


inhale – enjoy – exhale,


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