There’s Power In Slowing Down ~PART 2




powerslowingdown[Note: This is Part 2 of this post]

3. Stop the Insanity: Once you discover what your values are, stop doing the things that do not line up with them. This way, you can put the energy that you were wasting on the stuff that was draining you, into the stuff that matters to you and fuels your energy. [Plus you’ll begin to see that you are a lot less miserable!]

Remember earlier in this post when I said that changing your career could be something that you may end up doing after you discover your values and that it may be a radical  example of ‘shaking things up’? Well, that’s exactly what I did 4 years ago.

After I was diagnosed with Grave’s Dis-ease, I dove into a massive hunt to research and learn about it. I discovered that there’s a lot of toxic stuff out in the world and these ‘environmental factors’ can affect our health. Health & Well-being is very high on the list of my values, so when I discovered this, there’s no wonder I started having a hard time being in the field I was in.

I was a Cosmetologist for 20 years. I decided to leave that field in September of 2010 and 85%+ of the reason was because of the exposure to toxic chemicals. I found it harder and harder to do my job as the years went on, knowing what I was inhaling and exposing not only myself to, but my clients to as well. That’s also why I started making my own skin care in 2005.

Many ingredients you put onto your skin, including the toxic ones, get into your bloodstream.

So I could have stayed in that industry which wasn’t helping my auto-immune issue and which was also draining the life energy out of me because I was not honoring my value of Health & Well-being. Or I could decide to leave the industry, and head onto a path that I was in alignment with.

I guess you can see what I chose.

Was it a little scary? Yes. Was it worth it? Heck YES! [It was actually a huge inner growth experience too!]

And although it was totally worth it, it wasn’t an easy decision nor process for me to go through. I loved what I did – especially the atmosphere, including the people I worked with and my clients. And I fell into a little depression for about 3 months after I left that industry. But like anything else worth doing, the outcome has greatly outweighed all the hard work and daily practice it took me to get through that time.

4. Set up Check-ins: You may have heard me say this before because this is a very valuable essential element which helped me to start to become more present in my life and experience more slow down moments throughout my day.

Here’s what you do……..set your smart phone to go off every hour with a reminder that will help you check in. When my chime reminder used to go off on my iPhone, I labeled the event as – Check-in & Breathe Deep. This works people! And it’s so simple!

I still do this but I change what I write in the event to what I want to focus in on more. Plus, after doing all those deep belly breaths all those years, they have become a part of my daily ritual (and I think are now embedded into my genetic code).  :)

Every time you hear the chime and look at your phone, you will pause in that moment, stopping the incessant mind stream of thoughts that is always present in most of us. And, you will be slowing down every hour of the day – now that is progress!!!

5. Practice Mindfulness:  This is a serious slowing down maneuver! When you are mindful, you are present in the moment and all the mind-game shenanigans are not present.

When you’re mindful you aren’t:

  • Judging yourself or others
  • Telling yourself you’re not enough
  • Living in the past or future
  • And this is a big one……Suffering!

You’re just here, in the moment, with whatever it is you are doing. If you notice you are late for an appointment, you mindfully get your butt in gear and do what’s needed to get going instead of telling yourself how horrible you are and other judgmental thoughts. That way, you won’t suffer. You just do what you need to do in each moment without your mind’s judgmental play by play.

It’s powerful stuff!!!

6. BONUS (and Action Plan!) – Create a Daily Practice or Ritual: Doing so will help keep you navigating in the direction you want to move in, both externally and internally, in what you want to do and how you want to be.

Creating a daily practice that keeps you connected to your top values will be even more bonus! Staying connected to what truly matters to you, each day, is what will keep you fulfilled and on track to living a life that you really enjoy waking up to.

So to conclude this 2 part series, I truly believe s-l-o-w-i-n-g down in life to discover more about YOU and what it is that truly matters to you will bring you greater joy, a deeper appreciation for life and lasting inner peace with much less anxiety……it has for me!

Give it a go!


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