The Beauty Pirate Reviews Calendula & Rosehip Face Serum

Check it out!

The other day I received a google alert and when I checked the link out, I was pleasantly surprised to find one of my products, Calendula & Rosehip Face Serum, was reviewed by The Beauty Pirate.

I have to say she made my day.

Here’s what she had to say:

Today we celebrate the joining of this serum and this woman……

VedaSun’s Calendula & Rosehip face serum is a truly astounding thing. Since it is, after all, a face serum, I originally was just trying it out on my face. I can’t use it in the mornings because it is high in oils, but I was loving using at night as a moisturizer. Despite the high oil concentrations, my skin was looking clear, bright and healthy. In the morning my face felt like it had been given an all over plumping…

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