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I Found My Goddess in My Wiry White Hairs

I wrote this blog post a few months ago at Goddess Leonie’s Goddess Circle (affiliate link) that I am a member of. I’ve been wanting to start a conversation about the whole gray hair thing so I figured I’d start with this post. :)

Yes, those are my Goddess Grays below (that’s what I’m calling them), in that section where I have a patch of them. Pretty wild! It’s amazing what sort of emotions can surface when you see lots of grays begin to blossom. It’s a true test, for me, to discover the strength of my inner being.



I had an Aha moment yesterday morning and wanted to share……

I showered and was drying my hair…….well, first let me give you a little history….I’ll try to keep this short :).

I’m a hairstylist and I’m retiring my shears as of Sept. 30th. One of the many reasons I’m taking a break from this career is the chemicals. Besides not wanting to breathe in hair spray anymore, I’ve been finding it very hard for the past year or so to apply color on my clients’ heads due to the chemicals I know that are in there – (by finding it hard I mean I do apply it, just inside I shudder a bit bc I’m knowingly putting chemicals that aren’t good for us on my client’s head…..and there is no judgement here by me to those who do color your hair……..just so you know…….we all have choices and it’s everyone’s right to choose what’s best for them- and who knows-I may even decide to color again at some point ;).

Anyway, I haven’t colored my hair in over a year. I love my natural color and my hair and scalp have been in such great shape since I haven’t colored my hair. I’m leaning toward not coloring at all (except maybe possibly a few highlights bc the color doesn’t touch your scalp)……..even when I get a lot more white hairs (mine are coming in really snow white). Now I don’t have a lot of them, but there is quite a few on top and especially when my hair parts on the right, you can see this little patch of white hairs popping out.

So back to my story……yesterday morning, as I’m drying my hair, my hair wanted to part on the right, so I let it. It parted right where that white patch is. After my hair was all dried, I noticed that white patch……I leaned in toward the mirror to take a good look at it, and I had a flash of insight………something whispered to me……..those white hairs represent the goddess in you……….the wisdom that you carry within from your journey through your life experiences………..respect them as they will empower you to share your gifts with others………

I then looked at my white streak again, and then my eyes, and I saw a sparkle, like a glimmer of light that sparked in my eyes for a quick second and I loved it……I love those white hairs, my white highlight streak……..

Me thinks me is going to let it be and see how the salt naturally unfolds throughout the pepper…………
Gina :)