Purifying Your Space ~ using essential oils to clear away heavy energy



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Have you ever walked into a room and the energy just feels stagnant and heavy and stale?

Essential oils to the rescue!

And, by using essential oils to help disperse that heavy energy, they will also help to lift your mood too – how cool is that!

This use of essential oils is also great if you’re moving into a new space, be it a new home, office space or a room in your house you just uncluttered. You can use essential oils to purify those spaces too and get rid of negative and unwanted energies.

Some essential oils I like to use for purifying spaces are juniper berry, lemon, rosemary, orange, lavender and fennel.

Juniper berry EO is said to help promote positiveness, creativity, warmth and openness.

Citrus EO’s like lemon and orange, are very uplifting and add a kind of joy to any space.


Rosemary EO is said to enhance positive energy.

Lavender EO is said to promote healing and relaxation and reduce stress and panic.

Fennel EO is said to promote rejuvenation and reduce lack of energy and stagnation.

The way I like to use essential oils to purify a space is by diffusing them.

The two most common types of diffusers are candle diffusers and electric diffusers – there are many different kinds. What a candle diffuser does is it gently heats the essential oil so it disperses into the air and an electric diffuser either uses heat or a fan.

You do not need to use a lot of essential oil for it to be effective.

This process of using essential oils to affect the energetic levels of places and people is called Subtle Aromatherapy. Just a little is needed to energetically clear out your space. So if your diffuser (and I would suggest reading the instructions that came with it, of course) says to use 10-12 drops of essential oils, I would suggest you use 5-6 drops. You will not smell the scent as much in subtle aromatherapy, but if you’re in tune with your inner body and intuition, you will FEEL the energetic shift and negative energy dissipate.

Orange slicesI would let the diffuser work for at least an hour.

But you must take care to not leave either of these types of diffusers unattended. Plus, you’ll need to add more water to a candle diffuser if it starts to run low along with a couple more drops of EO.

As the essential oils do their work by purifying your space and clearing away heavy energy, you will begin to feel the difference! The heavy energy will be lifted and a new light, airy and joy-filled energy will take its place.

Enjoy your new, cleared out space and its enlivened energy!


*Important Note: Before using any essential oils, check with your medical practitioner if you have any health concerns or conditions or if you are pregnant or nursing.

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  1. I agree with this. I actually have created my own oils to assist with the personal touch moments like this bring. Sending so much love and hugs!

  2. Hi Ya Gina,

    I learnt so much is reading your post. I already have lavendar EO but i have just save a listing on ebay for Juniper berry EO.

    Thank you for sharing..

    Blessings Janet

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