Nurturing the Body, Letting Go of the Monkey Business & Dissolving the Pain Body



Wow, so much has been going on recently and I found myself getting a little caught up in it all these past few days.

It’s amazing how our mood can shift in a millisecond, isn’t it?!

Getting caught up in our stories is what my husband calls The Monkey Business.

Well, this week I got caught up in A LOT of Monkey Business! Stories of my body not being able to get through the upcoming yoga teacher training, stories of Arrow’s wound not healing right (he’s totally fine btw), stories of not getting enough done, stories of having so much to do and so little time, stories of not doing what I ‘should’ be doing in the time I do have, stories of nothing going right……..any of those sound familiar?

And I found it really difficult this time to just BE with all those stories. I noticed them, I knew they were stories, but it felt very hard these past few days to allow them to be there and still be OK with it all.

My Pain Body had a tight grip on me let me tell ya!

But then I remembered that the Pain Body is just energy and that energy can be shifted and that energy is always changing – so that felt better because I knew that this too shall pass.

And it did – I feel much better today!

What helped was a new book I just started reading last night, and what also helped was I practiced the inner body energy meditation I often do just before going to sleep last night.

But let’s talk about the Pain Body a little bit more. What the heck is it? Why does it cause us to suffer? Where does it come from?

Here are some interesting facts about the Pain Body:

  • It lies dormant within us until it needs to replenish itself
  • It gets triggered by either an event, something somebody does, or doesn’t do, and by your thoughts (the negative ones of course)
  • It can surface AND change your mood in a millisecond
  • It’s timing is not always great

If we’re not aware of the Pain Body, it can take us over. We then become identified with the voice of the Pain Body and get caught in its tsunami of negativity – blaming, complaining, guilt-tripping, angry and anxiety-producing stories…….so not cool! (But there’s a positive coming soon, keep reading!)

Have you heard of this phenomenon called the Pain Body?

I first heard of the Pain Body from Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power Of Now when I read it back in 1999 or 2000, and yes, the Pain Body can still kick my butt sometimes!

[This book was one of the books that became a major anxiety-busting tool for me……it explains how we cause ourselves to suffer, and I received some huge insights from this book.]

Ok, back to the Pain Body………because we begin to identify with the Pain Body and all its crazy stories, we begin to think that that is actually who we are…….we are this ‘little self that is suffering’ and we become moody and miserable and even anxious.

This is how the Pain Body replenishes itself – by feeding off of the negativity that we start engaging with.

So where does this Pain Body come from? Good question!

I cannot explain it better than Eckhart Tolle himself so this is what he says in his book The Power Of Now about where the Pain Body comes from……….but first, let me just say this – every painful emotion that we’ve ever felt, if we didn’t stay Present to it, leaves behind a piece of itself within us and gets stored in our energy body and merges with the other residual negative energy that lives within us from the accumulated negative energy from other past experiences – ok, here’s the rest by Eckhart:


 “As long as you are unable to access the power of the Now, every emotional pain that you experience leaves behind a residue of pain that lives on in you. It merges with the pain from the past, which was already there, and becomes lodged in your mind and body. This, of course, includes the pain you suffered as a child, caused by the unconsciousness of the world into which you were born.

This accumulated pain is a negative energy field that occupies your body and mind. If you look on it as an invisible entity in its own right, you are getting quite close to the truth. It’s the emotional pain-body. It has two modes of being:  dormant and active.” -Eckhart Tolle


So how do you begin to break free from the Pain Body?

You already are…….just knowing there is a Pain Body within you is the first step to moving through it.

The next step is to become a Pain Body Detective and the second you notice a downward mood shift, realize that the Pain Body may be surfacing and be as Present as you can when it does surface.

This is how you will be able to begin to dissolve the Pain Body and not become identified with it. Then it won’t be able to control you or feed off any negative energy because you won’t become negative. You will stay in ‘detective’ mode and be curious and open to what you are experiencing…….and that in turn helps you begin to wake up to your life! [Now that’s positive!}

And that is VERY COOL indeed!

Want another positive?


Awareness of the Pain Body means you won’t become trapped in its hypnotic, unaware state-of-mind trance anymore.

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Ps. Oh, and that new book I was reading? It’s my husband’s newest book, Drop the Monkey Business and Nurture the Body. It’s hot off the presses and you can check it out here.


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