Naturally Cool Off A Nasty Sunburn (or other minor burn)



aloe vera I once experienced a pretty bad, yet minor, burn on the fingertips of my right hand – I’ll spare you the details of how it happened, as it was one of those really dumb-should’ve-known-better incidents!

I grabbed a couple key ingredients and threw them in a bowl.

Those key ingredients were:

1. Aloe vera gel (cold from being in the refrigerator)
2. Lavender essential oil
My fingertips felt immediate relief when they were submersed in this cool aloe vera/lavender concoction. And as soon as I removed them, they started to burn like heck so yes, I kept them in that bowl most of the time with short air-time breaks.

Now, if you get any kind of burn, or a bad sunburn for that matter, be sure to see your doctor if it’s more than just a minor incident. As always, use your best judgment and seek help when needed.

Back to my burning fingertips, after a couple hours, the burning stopped – I still couldn’t put any hot water on those fingertips, but at least the pain was gone. And I have to say I was pretty amazed at how fast it went away.

I’ve also used this concoction on minor sunburns too and it really helps to give some major relief. So this is a great natural way to give a minor burn some relief.

Here’s the recipe:

I used a medium bowl filled with aloe vera gel – approximately about 2 cups, and 10 drops of lavender essential oil. When the gel started to become warm, I would add an ice cube, as needed, to make it cool again. That’s my recipe for naturally cooling off a nasty sunburn (or other minor burn).

The key is to have these ingredients on hand and also to keep the aloe vera gel in the refrigerator.

What also may help to relieve a nasty sunburn is to use a soft cotton cloth as a compress by dipping it in the bowl, wringing it out and applying it gently to the area. Or you can also just gently pat the aloe/lavender concoction right on the area.

If your aloe was not in the refrigerator, you can still make the concoction in the bowl and then use a cold compress to bring on the coolness to aid in the relief.

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I’ve had no burns this summer and it’s not that I haven’t been in the sun because I have a huge big white monkey German Shepherd named Arrow (yep, that’s him below, Mr. Curious George) to walk several times a day, but it’s because I’ve been using the Ava sunscreen.

arrow-big white monkey

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119_three sunscreen detail


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