Life Purpose, Striving and Anxiety

Anxiety Busting Challenge ~ Day 10

Wow, we are already at day 10 of the Anxiety Busting Challenge.

I have been learning so much from all the wisdom that has been gathering here through these lovely souls. I sure hope you are getting as much out of this series as I am :).

Today I am so honored to share with you, Stella Seaspirit. She gives us some wisdom today about anxiety busting through the always trying to get there but never arrive mentality. And I love how her Golden Nugget leads us to the present moment and how her challenge helps to anchor us there. Enjoy!


Life Purpose, Striving and Anxiety by Stella Seaspirit


Anxiety Story

A question that often provokes anxiety in my clients is “What is my soul path?” or “What is my life purpose?”

Many of them feel that whatever they are doing right now is unfulfilling or insignificant and that they are failing at what they came here to achieve because they don’t have a solid map or directions to adhere to.

When you keep asking what your destiny is, because you think knowing will bring you contentment but you feel it is something elusive that you just can’t seem to reach. How do you find the calm?

It is our nature to create and endeavour to produce better and more however, it is easy to get caught in a cyclical pattern of always striving and never arriving.

When you are operating from this state of mind:

1. You are focusing on lack. Lack of knowing your destiny, lack of feeling content, lack of results perceived by you and lack of calm.


2. Your destiny will only reveal itself to you when you allow it to by halting the emotional resistance around your question. That is, the need to know before you accept your Self and your present circumstances.

Evaluate what you have achieved thus far and set an end point where you declare a life goal complete. One large goal can be segmented into several milestones worthy of regard.


Golden Nugget

Do you acknowledge your accomplishments and celebrate small victories deeply? Or do you fleetingly pass over them in lieu of what is next? Allow your Self to arrive now, not when x happens then I’ll…..

  • Announce to yourself that you are ALREADY fulfilling your purpose and you know EXACTLY what it is that you are doing.


  • By acting calm and as if you know what you are doing ~ you cannot miss the bus!

Why? Because this brings your consciousness into alignment with your will. You cannot feel unsettled and experience calm. You cannot know what your destiny is by lusting after it.



Revelling in completion can be a hugely satisfying exercise.

Each night before bed ground and centre yourself to enter a calm, tranquil state of mind. Envision yourself in a serene place. Feel the calmness and tranquillity of completion with all your being and then affirm to yourself “I am calm. I am all-knowing wise Source, I am fulfilling my purpose perfectly. I am one with All and so all is well.”



Stella Seaspirit writes about merging the daily grind with magical finesse, a practise which she refers to as Source-ry and how you can let the Witch inside you out to play. Follow her on Twitter @StellaSeaspirit or connect on Facebook. Get your free Witchification Kit here:




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13 Responses to Life Purpose, Striving and Anxiety

  1. ”Announce to yourself that you are ALREADY fulfilling your purpose and you know EXACTLY what it is that you are doing.”

    As they say: Everyone is doing the best they can, with the resources they have available” ! :)

    Very interesting blog to read – following links!

  2. Beautiful grounding thoughts here, Stella. Thank you for sharing! I agree that committing to the present moment and being present within it really does help you to cast off anxiety.

  3. Beautiful affirmation there, Stella (and it actually resonates really well with something that was going through my mind when I wrote my wishcasting post for this week!)

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom! Blessings – TANJA

  4. @Jt Clough absolutely, the best strategy for moving forward is being in appreciation for the now!

    @Petrea yes, sometimes we’re so busy looking at the horizon we forget to look down at where we’re standing

  5. Excellent side to the story! Finding our destiny, our purpose is a very good thing. However, there is a sense of desperation sometimes when trying to find it. It creates a less than optimal day.

    I have found since I started turning my focus to gratitude, to realizing all I actually have right now and all the things I have done the desperation to “find it” goes away and purpose comes in clear consciousness.

    Love the simple steps you have listed to get there. I add new things to my practice as it is ongoing1

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