Indies Crusade to Help Indie Beauty Biz

I just commented on Andrea Kane’s blog, The Organic Beauty Expert. She’s helping spread the word about the FDA’s Globalization and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Act and how if this law gets passed as is, would put a lot of Indie Beauty businesses, including my own, out of business.

Click on the link below to watch the short news segment where you’ll see Jamila White (another Indie and friend) and Donna Maria, (the founder of The Indie Beauty Network and friend) who is leading us other Indie’s on a crusade to help prove that this legislation, as it is written, is unfair and will put a lot of small businesses out of business. Plus your choice to choose who you buy your beauty products from will be greatly decreased as only the big businesses will be able to afford the fees to stay in business and the small home-based handcrafters of natural beauty products will be fished out and gone.

Below is part of the comment I left at Andrea’s blog:

Andrea, thanks for sharing this video and helping to spread the word. I am another Indie (and member of the Indie Beauty Network) who, like Jamila, will be out of business if this FDA Act gets passed as is.

Watch this video from the CBS affiliate in D.C. to get the full scoop…

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