The ‘I’ll Never Do That Again’ Attitude, How Bad You Want It & A Little Yoga Anatomy



How have you been mi amigos and mi amigas?

I have been B.U.S.Y.!

Mostly all good stuff though……good busy-stuff (better than nasty busy-stuff, right?!)

What’s the good stuff? Ok, we’ll start with the good stuff.

Well, yoga teacher training is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.!

I am so loving it. I am learning so much, and I am particularly enjoying the anatomy part of the training. When the teacher explains a pose and why we align it the way we do and then shows us via some pelvic and leg bones, the reason behind why we do it that way……..well, let’s just say that now through that comprehensive visualization, that I will never be stacking my hips ever again in half-moon pose for instance, amongst other things.

This training is really blowing my mind.


Are you ready for the next good stuff?

I’m renting space at a place called Wholetrition Wellness Center right in the town I live in where I’ll be doing reflexology and some workshops down the road. I’m so happy to be practicing reflexology again! I’ve really missed it and I receive just as much giving a session as the client does receiving one.

So I’ve been doing a lot of work for that – getting biz cards, started creating a brochure etc.

Do you live near Matawan, NJ? If you do get in touch and set up an appointment. You will love it!


Now for the not so good stuff…….

I have lymes……..again!

But I’m on it and it’s getting taken care of and I still feel mostly good the majority of the time. And you know what? I feel better after a yoga class. Sometimes I feel too tired and think I’ll just stay in bed longer, but then I get up and I go. And I always am so grateful after I do because my body always feels better afterwards. Yoga nurtures my body and that’s where my focus is right now….nurturing the body. I’m hoping the lymes doesn’t kick the grave’s dis-ease back into action, but like I said, I’m on it and if it does, it does. I’ll do the best I can for my body because it deserves it.

That’s really it on the not-so-good-stuff – not too shabby, right?!


Life has this roller-coaster thing that happens. We feel good one moment, and then we don’t. We’re riding high, then we’re back in the mud.

And it’s funny because recently when people asked me how I am and how things are going I’d say, ‘things are freakin’ awesome right now and I’m enjoying it while it feels this way’.

I would say that because I know that life is ever-changing. Stuff can shift in an instant.


Let’s look at our moods as an example.

Have you ever felt really inspired? Maybe you had a great idea and you felt really good and excited. Then in the next moment, a thought appears, ‘eh, that’s too hard and you just don’t know enough’. BOOM! Your mood shifts and a new emotion surfaces in an instant. Doubt fills your body and now your down in the dumps. Raise your hand if you’ve ever experience that one before? (raising my hand).

Or let’s say you were really sick as a dog or you ate something that made you feel sick. You say, ‘I’m never doing that to myself again – I’m not going to get burnt out and run myself ragged so I get sick or eat 4 fried zeppoles and a carton of french fries ever again. As soon as I feel good again, I’m going to really start taking care of myself.’

And you get better and you begin moving your body and eating really well. And that goes on for a couple weeks.

And then it happens…… fall back into old habits and patterns. You think, well, I can just cheat this once. Then it snowballs and you’re back eating the golden arch hamburgers, french fries & coke.

Why does this happen? What makes us sabotage our progress as soon as we start really feeling good?


Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Ego-mind and its monkey business definitely play a role
  • We believe the monkey business of the ego-mind
  • We are too proud (or ashamed) to ask for help and support
  • We feel we don’t deserve to feel good and experience a vibrant life
  • We don’t want it bad enough
  • We’re not willing to take responsibility for our actions
  • We don’t want to feel


Let’s face it……..if you want something different you must do something different. And along with that comes some, yes, some hard work! (But no worries, it does get easier!)

Let me explain it with a little yoga/anatomy analogy.

There are certain things we can change in our body and certain things we can’t……we’ll call these things ‘functional’ and ‘structural’ variations respectively.

Let’s take your back for instance. Maybe you have a curvature in your spine that is structural, meaning it’s genetic, you were born with it and it doesn’t allow you to bend in a certain way. Not much you can do about that to change it, structurally. But through yoga, you can help yourself not to develop certain other patterns that may put other areas of your body at risk to compensate for not being able to bend a certain way.

Now let’s say the top of your back, your cervical spine, becomes more round because you’ve been sitting all day at a desk working on a computer for the past several years, not paying much attention to your posture. That is something that is functional and can be changed through a committed yoga practice. You can retrain the muscles to help you begin to have a less round upper back and better posture and thus, breathe better and have more of a chance of creating less back and neck problems as the years progress.

The good news in all this analogy stuff?

Your habits are usually more of the functional variation. You can do something about them. If you’re doing something that’s not giving you vibrant energy or inner peace or deep fulfillment, you have the power to change it!

Oh, and yes, yoga is something that I feel would definitely help you change unwanted habits!!!

Would you rather practice something, even for 15-20 minutes on a daily basis, that would help you to live a healthier, more pain free life? Or no?

If you said no, I’d really like you to email me and let me know the reason because I’d be really curious!!

Grab your journal and jot down some answers to these questions – just let the answers roll right out of you:

  • What habit do you want to shift?
  • What do you imagine to be the greatest result of making that shift?
  • How would that make your life better?
  • Would it be worth it?

Now, plan it out!!

Map it out, draw it out, doodle it out, paint it out…………

If you’re not exactly sure what the heck to do first, email me. Seriously! (ok I dare ya!) Email me gina at VedaSun dot com and let me know what habit you want to shift and I’ll supply you with one guidance step.

Will you take me up on it? I’m not sure…… depends on how bad you want it!


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