Why Do We Hang On To So Much Crap?

imageCrap, crap everywhere! Why do we hang onto it? Why does it give us a scare to let go of it?

Have you ever said to yourself, ‘OK, I’m really gonna do it this time! I’m going to chuck a lot of stuff. I can do this!’

And then you start and at first you do really good. The first couple items you know exactly what you want to keep and what you want to chuck.

But then it happens…….you pick up the next thing and look at it and start to put it into the ‘chuck’ pile, but then your hand somewhat having a mind of it’s own, brings it back for you to look at again.

hmmmm, maybe I will need this one day.’

‘oh I don’t really like this but grammy gave it to me.’

‘maybe I should hang onto this just a little longer and then I’ll chuck it in say, 6 months if I don’t use it.’

Any of that mind chatter sound familiar?

And I think that’s partly why we have such a hard time getting rid of stuff:

The Mind Chatter.

Imagine just picking up an item and using your first gut instinct to determine whether you’re going to keep it or not.

I think that would make the job a whole lot easier, don’t ya think?

But we not only bring our mind stuff into it, but we bring other peoples’ mind stuff into it…..or what we think others will say if we get rid of stuff, especially if it’s something we received as a gift.

Then there’s the comments from others we may need to deal with, especially if that person who’s commenting on our ‘chucking stuff movement’ has issues of their own when dealing with ‘chucking their own shit’.

Some possible comments may be:

‘Wow, your place looks so bare.’

‘Are you ok? Is anything wrong?’

And the one doing the ‘chucking out’ could reply:

‘No, actually nothing could be better thanks! I’m actually getting rid of a lot of clutter and it feels freakin’ awesome. Never felt better in my life!’

Chucking stuff really brings a lot of emotional baggage with it doesn’t it?! It takes a willingness to notice the stuff that shows up within us as we go through this process. I’m not immune to it, many people aren’t. But I’m willing to feel it. That’s what many people are not ready to do either……

……to feel the emotional stuff that surface.

And I don’t blame you because it certainly isn’t a comfortable or warm-n-fuzzy feeling. But not feeling it will just stuff it way back down within you just to surface another day……and it will, for sure, in some way, shape or form, from some other event, situation or person that triggers it.

You want a cure for the ‘help-I can’t-chuck-my-crap-with-ease movement’? I don’t have one. But the best thing I can tell you is to do something that gets you more in touch with yourself……….something that allows you to discover more about yourself.

For me it’s yoga. When I step onto the mat I can be the witness to whatever shows up. I can see when I check out….when I start to fidget, or look around, or engage with my mind chatter.

It’s not easy to be with yourself. I feel that’s why there are so many ways to numb yourself from life.

It’s all about getting up one day and choosing something different. Just one thing.

Even if it’s taking one conscious breath.

And then possibly chucking one thing.

inhale – enjoy- exhale,





2 Responses to Why Do We Hang On To So Much Crap?

  1. You’re ahead of the game if you can detach Ellisa! So hard for so many people and find myself clutching onto a certain thing sometimes but yes, it’s all just stuff……and stuff that at some point we need to let go of anyway…..so if we can enjoy it without it having a grip on us, then that’s awesome :).

    Thanks for leaving a comment and sorry I didn’t see it sooner…….. :)

  2. I love chucking stuff, love organization & minimalism but I do sometimes judge myself & wonder if something is wrong with the fact that I can easily detach? But it’s just stuff right?

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