From Burnout to Energized ~a recipe for energy revival



ReviveYourEnergyIt’s not fun feeling burnt out.

You’ve heard the phrase, ‘burning the candle at both ends’? Well, we probably have all felt like that at some point in our lives. There’s so much to do and we feel like we have to get it all done – yesterday! That’s when overwhelm can set in.

It’s time to refuel.

Frazzled nerves, tension headaches and sleep deprivation just don’t feel that good. You agree?

It’s time to make some space for you and de-frazzle those nerves. If you are in a state of burnout, your mind and body has been put under stress and you need to find your way back to center and tap into your inner energy source.

Create a plan of action.

Besides taking some deep belly breaths, getting outside in nature, eating healthy and exercising (which are all key components for a recipe for energy revival), aromatherapy is a healthy, holistic approach to reviving your energy.

Below are some essential oils that can help you gain some renewed energy and inspiration in a short amount of time:

  • Grapefruit
  • Geranium
  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary
  • Cypress
  • Palmarosa



3 ways to use your energy revival sweet-smelling creations.

1. Body/Massage Oil

Choose 2-4 of the above essential oils and add them one drop at a time to an empty one ounce bottle. [Note: Use a total of 9-12 drops total per ounce of carrier that you choose to use. A ‘carrier’ is the base product that you add your essential oils to.] Once you have created a blend you love, add a carrier such as jojoba or sunflower oil. Cap the bottle, shake well and use this as a body oil after you shower to hydrate your skin and don’t forget to inhale the luscious aroma you created. You can also use this oil before you go to bed to give yourself a nice foot massage.

Another idea is to leave it by your kitchen or bathroom sink and every time after you wash your hands throughout the day, massage the oil into your hands when they are wet, then dry them. This way you’ll be inhaling the benefits of the essential oils throughout the day and reviving your energy each time. You can get a pump top for the bottle to make it easier to dispense.

2. Aroma Mist

You can add spring or filtered water as the carrier instead of the oil and create an aroma mist. You would just need a bottle with a spray mist top. Carry this mist in your purse or pocket and you can even make a few small bottles of it so you can have one in your car, your office or any other room you frequent often. Then you can mist this scent all around you any time you need it.

3. Diffusion

You can create the essential oil blend and use it in a diffuser. So for this use, you wouldn’t add your essential oils to any base. You would create your blend and put it in a smaller dark glass bottle with an orifice reducer top (a top that lets one drop out at a time) and use it in your diffuser of choice – just be sure to follow the diffuser’s directions and be sure to be extra careful when using a candle diffuser.

You, and your body, will thank you for taking the time to renew your enegy!

Fill up your tank daily.

Revive your mind a body any time of day by using the body oil, aroma mist or diffusion blend you create. And the key is to fill your tank up daily with good stuff because if you don’t, you’ll be lagging way behind as your energy reserves deplete. You have this one body – take care of it and it will take of you. You are SO worth it!


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