Creating Your Sacred Space

Sacred Sound & Crystal Energy Space

Have you created your sacred space? A space that when you look at, elicits the feelings you crave such as calmness, happiness, inspiration, positive energy, gratefulness?

I have. I actually realized that my whole bedroom is a sacred space. Every where I look, in every nook and corner, there is something I love that has meaning for me.

Some people call this space an altar. But whatever you call it, it must represent how you want to feel and be in your life. It’s purpose is whatever you make it to be.

Do you want to have a space dedicated to meditation and prayer?

Do you want the space to remind you of all that you are grateful for?

Do you want the space to be for dreaming and visualization?

This sacred space you create can be whatever you want it to be. It is your special space, dedicated to you, your vision, your life.

What do you put in your sacred space?

The options are endless! Just remember to put in your sacred space what would serve you the best, what ignites the passions and feelings you desire.

Some things in my sacred spaces are crystals, spirit cards, dream catcher, medicine wheel, chakra scarf, essential oils, incense bowls, malas, chimes, suncatchers, gong, feathers, candles and more…………..

The first thing to do is to decide what your sacred space will represent for you and how you want to feel when you spend time there.

Calming Space

Then you want to decide where you want your sacred space to be. It can be on a special table in the corner of a room, it can be a special place you create outside in your yard, it can be on a shelf, it can be a sacred box……..where ever you decide is perfect. Be creative!

Then, start adding things that are meaningful to you and represent what your sacred space is. Take your time with this – you can add things as you discover them – your sacred space doesn’t need to be done overnight.

Plus, as you change and transform, your sacred space will change and transform with you.

Here are a couple more of my sacred spaces:

Sacred Inspiration Space
Sacred Reflection Space
Sacred Journey Space

What type of sacred spaces have you created?

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