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No Heart Attack Chocolate Chip Cookies


You just gotta love that sentence above, eh?!

[As I’m writing this I just took those bad boys out of the oven and counting down 5 minutes til I can devour one!! Ok, I’ll try to eat it mindfully, but it’s going to be hard!]

Ok, seriously?!! I just gobbled a cookie. Mayi really?!! I think Oprah will definitely be calling you!

I just need to tell you all that the cookie I just ate is THE best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had! Really!

I can’t stop using exclamation points because I’m totally floored!

[I’m dying to have another but I’m not – tomorrow will be here before I know it – oh, in 5 minutes actually!]

Ok, so let’s talk about why I’m talking about chocolate chip cookies.

Mayi Carles, of Life Is Messy, who I just adore by the way, has just launched her Life Is Messy Kitchen cookbook – a quirky guide to sane, happy and clean eating. (and wait until you see it – it’s so, well, so Mayi!)


I wanted to help spread the word (because anything Mayi does I want in on).

So to help her spread the word, I needed to test a recipe, and now I know why. Once I tasted one of the recipes from her book, there was no way I wouldn’t want to help her spread the message.

(And yes, I went right to the desserts section).

But seriously, these chocolate chip cookies taste real! And you know why? Because they are made with REAL stuff! No artificial anything….and that’s just the way I like it too.

I know she and her team poured their heart and soul into this project, and Mayi’s been talking about it for so long and it’s finally here! I’m really excited and cannot wait to try more recipes.

What I love about Mayi is she knows life is messy and that that’s ok. We can clean it up (organize, set boundaries, set our schedules etc.) but Mayi knows life can come in at any moment and throw you a serious curve ball and make things messy once again.

Mayi embraces that.

So why not make cooking and baking more simple, more clean (a.k.a. more healthy), more fun and even more scrumptious while allowing yourself to be messy too!

And things, literally, can get quite messy too. Just check these photos out:

stickystuff  wetstuff-1

(oh, and this batter really tastes like cookie dough – yes, I tried it and YUM!)

The recipe is so simple, yet it tastes like it took me longer than 20 minutes to make them – yes, that’s how long it took me – minus the cleaning-up-the-messy-part part.

They are gluten free and depending on what you use for the chocolate, dairy free too.

You take the dry ingredients (Mayi said to feel free to make it our own so I did add one of my favorite ingredients – I added just a little bit of almond flour into the dry mix):


Then mix in the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients:


Add your chocolate of choice – I used dark chocolate chips – mix it all up, plop on cookie sheet, bake and in 10-12 minutes you have these scrumptious no-heart-attack chocolate chip cookies! YUM!

11 yums

And I am seriously not kidding you when I say how good they are. You gotta try them out for yourself.

And of course I can’t wait to dive into the 114 recipes in this book!

Mayi, you’re a genius and I love ya to cookies kingdom!

inhale ~ enjoy ~ exhale,


Ps. Please excuse me while I go have one more bite……………

Here’s a bit more about the book:

Whether you are struggling to trade busy work for a hammock + fill your tote with fresh flowers from the Farmer’s Market (after trying all the samples) or expand your definition of dinner under a starry sky, Life is Messy Kitchen: A Quirky Guide to Sane + Happy + Clean Eating is an invitation to reset our intention around food with a sense of humor + good appetite + a taste for adventure. Learn more at Life Is Messy Kitchen.

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