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My Dog-Walking Workout

I walk my dog twice a day and I also workout 4-5 times a week. I mix up my workouts between yoga, weights, walking, dancing and whatever else comes to mind for me in the moment. So one day when I was a little short on time, I took Roxy (my bullmastiff) to the park… Continue Reading

All About the Breath

Today I decided to follow my breath and allow it to guide me in my workout. It turned out to be a great, anxiety-relieving one too! First I got out my candle diffuser and chose Sweet orange, Lavender and Peppermint essential oils to diffuse into the air to inspire my workout. I usually choose my… Continue Reading

Core Strengthening

Warming up…..When I start my yoga practice, I start with a sun salutation where I hold each pose within the sun salutation for at least 3 breaths, starting with mountain pose. This gets my body warmed up and ready for my practice. Stronger core…..I’ve also been holding plank pose, which is pictured above, longer and… Continue Reading

Yoga – In the Zone

I decided to write some ramblings about my yoga practice. Why? Not sure. Just received a message to write about it, so here it is: My first, ‘My Yoga Practice Ramblings’……For some reason today I was in a total zone with my yoga practice. Some days I feel stronger than others. Overall for the past… Continue Reading