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A Scent that Calms, Uplifts & Brightens the Day {Aromatherapy Luminary Tip}



lovin' aromatherapyAromatherapy rocks!

Yes, I am still just as passionate today about aromatherapy as I was over 17 years ago when I inhaled the scent of an essential oil for the first time ever (it was lavender and it was love at first sniff!).

I made an aromatherapy mist today. All I did was add one essential oil to a blend I created a couple months ago and the whole scent changed…….and it’s deelish!

This is one of the fascinating aspects to aromatherapy – adding a few drops of an additional essential oil can change the whole scent. Even one drop of certain oils can drastically change the scent……think of essential oils such as jasmine, ylang ylang, and vetiver……add one drop to your blend and it changes the whole composition.

So getting back to my blend.…..when I saw that the aromatherapy mist I created a couple months ago was practically finished, I kept the original blend which included cardamom and orange and just added lavender to it. (I use blood orange because that is my favorite orange scent). You can use sweet orange essential oil if you cannot find blood orange. (**Note: I prefer to use organic essential oils.)

Here’s the recipe:

  • 8 drops organic cardamom essential oil
  • 12 drops organic blood orange essential oil
  • 10 drops organic lavender essential oil

Add the above essential oils to a 2 ounce bottle and then fill with spring or filtered water or you can use my favorite base which is the Pet Deodorizer by Ava Anderson Non Toxic…….it’s awesome and you don’t have to have pets to use it!

Cap your bottle with a fine mist sprayer, gently shake and wallah…….your creation is ready to be misted to brighten your mood and enliven your atmosphere! (And even remove odors, especially if you are using the Pet Deodorizer as the base.)

Here’s some qualities of the above essential oils:

Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) essential oil is used widely in Ayurveda. It is calming to the nerves and is also antiseptic. It has a sweet yet spicy scent.

Blood orange (Citrus sinensis ‘Moro’) essential oil is fresh, fruity and even a little tangy. It’s an antiseptic and sedative so it helps relieve stress, tension and anxiety. It’s a great mood uplifter to brighten the spirit.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oil is herbaceous and floral and a little sweet, depending on the specific variety of species the oil is obtained from. It’s also antiseptic as well as antibacterial. It also has sedative qualities so is very helpful in calming the nerves. Lavender, in my experience, seems to be an oil people either really love, or don’t like at all. But it is also one of the most widely used essential oils because of its numerous healing qualities.

Try this blend out and let me know what you think. It’s a keeper for me! And you always have the option to create your own concoction. Try it, it’s fun and scent-sational!


** Important Note: Before using any essential oils, be sure to check with your naturopath or medical practitioner if you have any questions or health issues or take prescriptions or if you are nursing or pregnant.


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