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The Lotus Needs the Mud: Yoga Stirs Up the Mud

The Lotus Needs the Mud: Yoga Stirs Up the Mud

Yep, yoga will stir up your mud. That may not be exactly what you wanted to hear, but without the mud, there is no lotus.

That means, without the mud, there’s not much chance for deep inner growth.

The journey of the lotus starts deep down in the darkness of the mud then continues its climb through murky waters. It keeps growing upward toward the light, through all the muck and gunk it encounters along the way. The lotus works its way through the challenging muck and gunk until it reaches the surface where it peels open to show its gorgeous true colors and unique petals.

If that’s not a metaphor for life I don’t know what is. Well, it could be a metaphor. But we would need to make some tough, and most likely, different choices than we’re used to making.

And one such choice is encountering the mud head on and not turning away. Which means not turning away from, or numbing out, your life.

Yoga involves both inner and outer work.

There’s not one without the other. I think that’s one reason why so many people who try a yoga class or two don’t go back because it stirs up the mud – in other words, brings up their own inner muck and gunk.

Yoga usually begins with one doing the outer work; the yoga poses. And then the inner work comes into play at some point – for some sooner than later.

Inner work may show up just as thoughts running through your mind such as:

I’ll never look like that.
I could never do that pose.
I’m too fat.
I’m not flexible.
I suck why even do it……

And those thoughts could easily stop you from continuing on with a yoga practice.

And that really really stinks.

It’s stinks for many reasons…

It stinks because:

—> You see yourself as limited.
—> You give up on yourself too fast…..before you get the chance to see that those thoughts are not only not true, but are what’s keeping you stuck.
—> Those thoughts, that aren’t even true, keep you from reaping the benefits of yoga.
—> You stop yourself before you even get to become aware of those thoughts so that you can see for yourself how untrue they really are.

And the really big reason it stinks is because you won’t be able to work through your mud.

We all have mud in some shape or form and if we don’t become aware of it and stop turning away from it (and from our life) it prevents us from truly living a life where we freely, and with full acceptance, turn up for ourselves, peeling open to expose our true, gorgeous colorful facets that are uniquely ours.

And that’s why we are here walking around on this earth.

===> To know ourselves fully <===

Are you ready to try yoga?

My True Beginners Yoga Course opens this week.

Check the ‘Online Courses’ link above — that’s where you’ll find it. (It will be there by March 17th.)

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