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Why a Vibrant Life Navigation Practice?




**NOTE: Registration for the VIBRANT Life Navigation Practice has ended (but I didn’t want to get rid of this blog post because it stil has some valuable insights).

What we do and focus on today affects our tomorrow’s outcomes. The key is to not dwell in worry, but to focus on what we choose to do in the present, and keep re-routing our focus back to the present. So today, be aware of where your attention is at and keep navigating it back to the here and now.

How would you like to start a practice for one week to begin navigating your focus on what really matters to you?
And to receive tips and guidance on how to keep re-routing your attention back there again and again, to what really matters?

The Vibrant Life Navigation Practice starts next Monday, January 13. Register for free below and each day for seven days you will receive a navigation practice and/or tip in your inbox.

It’s quite amazing what happens when you bring your full attention and awareness to what matters to you and keep that as your central core focus even for 7 days. You begin to break the habits and patterns that have unconsciously been activated and that you repeat daily.  I invite you to try this practice and see what happens.

It’s never too late to get moving toward a life where you actively participate in creating what you want to experience each day and how you want to feel each day. It’s a choice. Choose you by registering below and I’ll help you start navigating toward your vibrant life!