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Connection, Courage & Strength – thinking bigger!



Me & RebeccaLast Friday I headed out to Rhode Island for my first experience at an Ava Anderson Non Toxic National Conference which they so perfectly entitled Think Big!

It was such an amazing experience to be in a room full of over 250 people who are in this together to make massive change in the world.

I went with my great bud Rebecca who’s in the pic with me.

During the conference, I told her I never ever would have thought that I’d be at a conference of this kind. But Life certainly had other, and bigger, plans for me.

It’s truly amazing how Life works.

I stopped making my own natural skin care in 2010 and have been on the search to find a product that I felt really good sharing and after 3 1/2 years, I still didn’t find products that I felt aligned with to share.

That is until Rebecca asked me to lunch because she started a new business and wanted to get my opinion on the products.

Those products were called Ava Anderson Non Toxic.

I never heard of them before but as soon as I felt the products on my hands, I could tell they were something special and they reminded me of the products I used to make.

Not even a week later I decided to also enroll as an Ava Anderson Consultant like she did.

When I tried the products and researched their ingredients and the company, I realized I finally found the skin care that I could share with integrity. And that’s why I enrolled. I too, like Rebecca, and the other hundreds of Ava Anderson Consultants, are passionate about sharing the message of how to become ‘ingredient detectives’ and choose products that are safe and non toxic for us, our families and our environment.

The founder, Ava Anderson, was 15 when her company was born. She is now 20 and her company is growing like wild fire with new consultants signing up daily. That’s Ava in the picture with the cool boots on.


As I said, life works in amazing ways because I never thought I’d be working in the Direct Sales industry. I actually had quite a bit of conditioning related to those two words – direct. sales. I believe this is so because of the phrase ‘pyramid scheme’ which is a way of doing business that is actually not legal in all 50 states. If you’re interested, here’s a very informative FAQ article about Direct Selling that helps explain everything.

Back to the conference…..I met so many amazing women, and even a couple men consultants were there (and we just launched 2 new avaMENS products – woot!) who spoke and shared their experience with the Ava company and who offered their insights and ideas and advice so freely. These are busy women – some who have full time jobs, children to take care of and other everyday activities to take care of like we all do. But they are making it happen and it’s so exciting to see that.

It’s amazing what you can do when there is pure passion fueling your efforts.

It truly did feel like a big family and now I get why the Direct Sales industry is so popular. The hours are flexible, your income grows directly by the daily quality actions you take to help your business grow, and the really big one I’m noticing is that this experience for me is going to be a huge container for my own personal growthI can see it happening already.

I see connection, courage and strength bursting forth.

So I’m in this for the long haul and so thankful to my friend Rebecca for sharing Ava Anderson with me as it is the perfect compliment to the work I already do. 

My passion at one time of creating truly natural skin care has now been re-ignited in a new way, by one girl, who at 14 years old, saw a news show explaining a study done on teenagers and the horrific amounts of synthetic chemicals found in their bodies. And that changed her life forever, and I’m grateful as it fueled her to create the best and safest personal care and household products on the market today and her name is Ava Anderson (with the help and unconditional support of her amazing family of course!).

And with the new 18 additional products that were launched at the national conference, I’m even more passionate about sharing because some of those products are makeup!!! Yay! Safe, non toxic makeup! I can love makeup again! I cannot wait to get my hands on the new eyeliner and bb cream.

eyeliner Facebookbb cream Facebook

I’ll be putting up a review of those items in the future for sure!

If you want to check out all the Ava Anderson Non Toxic products, including the new ones, and all the amazing ingredients that are in them, head on over here.

Here’s to choosing safer products for you, me, our families, friends and everyone we care about as well as to developing connection, courage and strength along our path to health.

And a big thanks to Ava Anderson and her family for having the passion and vision to create amazing products and to do it in a way that empowers so many people!

And I get to take this journey with an amazing friend to boot! How cool is that?!



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