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The Book of Happy

Anxiety Busting Challenge ~ Day 21 Hello anxiety busters! Welcome back! And welcome to the 21st day of the Anxiety Busting Challenge. So glad you are here, reading anxiety stories shared, golden nuggets and some challenges to start implementing the valuable, life transforming golden nuggets. Today, I am so thrilled to share with you, Dominee.… Continue Reading

Your Five Senses: The Key to Managing Your Anxiety

  Anxiety Busting Challenge ~ Day 20   Hey all! It’s day 20 of the Anxiety Busting Challenge and I’m excited to share with you, Marla Golde. Read on to learn why Marla’s anxiety just happened to surface on Mondays……plus she has an awesome Golden Nugget that’s dear to my heart………and a worthwhile challenge. And… Continue Reading

A Life-Changing Script

Anxiety Busting Challenge ~ Day 17   Hello! It’s day 17 of the Anxiety Busting Challenge and I’m honored to share with you, Lynn Smith. Lynn summoned up the power to take responsibility for her life and change it for the better. Her story is remarkable and her Golden Nugget is just that, golden! Enjoy!… Continue Reading