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Road to Anxiety (Again!) – guest article



Today I am pleased to share a guest post with you by the lovely Renee Avard.

I’d love for you to share what surfaces for you as you read this in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Renee for sharing this piece with us.  Enjoy!


Road to Anxiety (Again!)

by Renee Avard

Incorrect in the vision
Looking outside
Facing the wrong way
Trying to go forward

Moments of reality
Those promises whispered
Trust is fragile – and broken
It comes full circle
Even warm days
Become so cold
Isolation and fear
Swallowed in pain

Shutting eyes tight
Facing more failure
Traveling in circles
Confusion takes over

Veering so far off course
Retreating inward
It was all disorienting
Anxious, scared, so lost
Giving up, giving out
Suddenly so done
Nothing more to say
Succumbing to the fears

Admission it all changed
Seeing from another view
Not sure change can happen
Inability to turn it around

Seeking answers
Where none are
Doors have closed
That once were open

A broken heart and soul
Must be accepted
A new way of life
Move on or not at all

CatchAFallingStar_ReneeAvard_byJenniferSeitzer_June12-13 Renee Avard is an eclectic Spiritualist with Metaphysical beliefs based on an Earth-Based Spirituality being first on her list to practice. As an expert in many fields of study, ‘Catch A Falling Star’ was created to merge two sides of a person together — as a Holistic and Spiritual endeavor which will bring out the “Unique-tivity” in yourself.  Forever learning, she is both a student and a teacher who was placed in this Life to show how you can allow your own Star inside to lighten Life outside.

You can find more about Renee at