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Relaxation Retreat at Omega ~rejuvenating for the mind, body and soul



IMG_4404A relaxation retreat truly is rejuvenating for the mind, body and soul.

Last week my husband and I went on an R&R retreat at The Omega Institute in upstate New York. We try to spend a week there every year.

There are many workshops available at Omega, and I have taken some in the past, but this year I just felt like veggin’ out. With the passing of my pup Roxy and the weeks leading up to her passing being quite tense, it felt good to rest.

I also enjoyed not being on a schedule and just doing whatever I felt called to do, be it read, walk, snap photos, sit in the warm sun, nap, listen to healing music, meditate, hang out at the cafe, peruse the bookstore, eat delish organic food…….whatever it was…….it was nice to just be able to do that. And there’s no tv there which I have no problem with. It’s nice to just crack a book open or listen to music upon falling asleep.

And I fell asleep early! And woke up early! And it felt really good!

I wanted to share some pics I took while up at Omega…….the flowers were just beginning to bloom and were so gorgeous.

I was quite snap happy with my camera. :)

Here’s a succession of one flower’s journey from buddin’ to bloomin’ while I was there – breathe that pink color into your Heart Chakra……









Here are two more pink lovelies to soothe the Heart Chakra (4th chakra)……



Now onto a couple sunny yellow lovelies to ignite your Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd chakra – couple inches above your navel)….take a moment and breathe in the color right into your solar plexus…..



How about breathing in a little indigo purple for the Third Eye Chakra (6th chakra – located at brain level, between the eyebrows)…..



And now let’s end the flower garden pics with a nice deep belly breath, breathing in violet into the Crown Chakra (7th chakra – top of the head)…..Ahhhhh


Ok, now it’s some shots of some cool spots to sit that I discovered at Omega……check em out.


Check out this wooden bench…..


Yummy jasmine green tea sipping at the cafe overlooking the gardens….


Little company sitting with ya here at this spot…..


On the way up to the Sanctuary….great spot to meditate….


And lastly, here are two friends I met at Omega……(and the latter one came right on my arm and hung out for a minute)



I truly am grateful to have been able to take a week away as we weren’t able to do it last year.

I believe a change of scenery is good for everyone…….even if it’s getting to a nearby park for an hour, going for a walk with a friend or pet, or even if it’s just closing your eyes and imagining yourself in your most favorite spot. That even creates a shift within – that’s how powerful the mind is.

It’s also great for relieving anxiety……especially if your change of scenery can include some piece of nature.

Thanks for taking this journey with me and checking out the pics.

What’s your favorite place to be for a change of scenery?

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