Ayurveda Tip: Cold or Warm Water?

This is another great tip by Janet Gomez. I’ve been drinking room temperature water for several years now but I just recently started to waiting to consume liquids at least 30 minutes prior to or after eating a meal because according to Ayurveda, it’s easier for your body to digest the food you just ate without consuming liquids with your meal. I have to tell you, I feel a lot better after I eat – less bloated and more energy. Janet’s tip was so timely, I’d thought I’d share it with you.



Client’s Coaching – Warm or Cold Water?

by Janet Gomez

It’s summer and  you’re  hot and thirsty. What would you prefer – a glass of   (ice)-cold water or one that is at room temperature or even slightly warm?

In Ayurveda,  drinking  water at room temperature or slightly warm throughout the day  is known to be the best way to hydrate quickly. You don’t need to use extra energy to bring the water up to its temperature so it is more quickly absorbed by your body.

Also do you like drinking cold water with or immediately after a meal? And do you feel tired after eating?

Cold water slows down the digestive process that has just started by
diluting your digestive juices so  they cannot do their job as effectively.
requiring the energy used for digestion to be used to bring the temperature of the resultant liquid in your stomach to body temperature.
The result is partly or undigested food that moves through the digestive system and that  may or may not be eliminated properly. You may also feel heavy, tired and bloated.

Proper elimination is important to prevent the build up of waste material in the intestine because such a build up creates toxins and stops nutrients from being assimilated into the body.

If you’re thirsty during or after your meal, it is better to have a warm drink, for example warm water, herbal tea like ginger or tulsi, and then not more than about half a cup.  Ideally wait until an hour after eating to have a warm drink or drink about a hour before eating


  • For one week avoid drinking anything during your meals or sip half a cup of herbal tea.
  • Note down how you feel after each meal.
  • Share your comments and experiences!

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  1. Eliminating all liquids during a meal will reduce, and in my case CURE acid reflux. I do not get acid reflux anymore. It is because my body now has the chance to digest food properly now that the enzymes are not getting diluted.

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