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Why I Almost Quit Yoga

I never told this story about how I almost quit yoga. And I’m sharing this now because I believe it will help you see what can happen if you believe your thoughts to be true (like I did) instead of taking a step back and questioning them, which is key. I started practicing yoga in 1999.… Continue Reading

A Scent that Calms, Uplifts & Brightens the Day {Aromatherapy Luminary Tip}

    Aromatherapy rocks! Yes, I am still just as passionate today about aromatherapy as I was over 17 years ago when I inhaled the scent of an essential oil for the first time ever (it was lavender and it was love at first sniff!). I made an aromatherapy mist today. All I did was… Continue Reading

Love and Acceptance: {aromatherapy luminary tip}

    Aromatherapy Luminary Tip:   Do you love and acceptance yourself completely? Below is a mantra, or phrase, to say to yourself when you find you are beating yourself up for not doing something right or not following through with a commitment, etc. Stop your negative thoughts in their tracks and repeat: I Love… Continue Reading